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Ricoh Builds A Different Kind Of Tablet

The world is all abuzz these days about tablets, tablets, tablets.  There are over 50 Android based tablets expected to be released this year from big names like Toshiba, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and ASUS and small knock-off junk manufacturers like MSI.  When the tablet boom started it was hopeful they’d make their users more productive, which they have.  They were also supposed to contribute to the concept of paperless office.

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Paperless office is a novel idea. It’s great for those who want to stay green. It’s also great for those who want to save money. Finally, the paperless office is great for those who need to stay mobile.  Take Thedroidguy team for instance, we don’t own a fax machine.  We prefer the scan, email, print, scan email back method however that’s even cumbersome, and inconvenient.  We actually tell most companies we work with on a regular basis to use the Adobe e-signature platform if we MUST sign something.

Well the folks at Ricoh, an industrial strength printer and imaging company, have developed a tablet designed for one thing and one thing only, getting the paper use down.  Ricoh is introducing the e-Quill tablet with the e-Writer solution.

The e-Quill tablet won’t surf the web, play games or even have a color display. It uses the same e-ink display found in Amazon’s kindle.  So what does it do?

According to Allthingsdigital, the e-Quill tablet is designed to eliminate paper.  Ricoh’s e-Quill tablet will have a cloud based storage system that stores documents and forms that need to be filled out.  From the cloud the e-Quill will serve up the documents and forms and make them easy to fill out digitally in a familiar form factor.

Ricoh thinks the medical industry will be one place where these tablets really come in handy.  Imagine when you start at a new doctor’s office or hospital instead of bundles of forms to fill out, everything is on one of these tablets.

It’s a great idea and without the need of a 3g radio, color display and other things we are used to in a full fledged tablet the cost should be reasonable.

source: Allthingsd

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