Qualcomm’s SnapDragon Game Pack Makes Discovering SnapDragon Games A Snap

Last week Qualcomm announced the SnapDragon Game Pack. The SnapDragon Game Pack is Qualcomm’s answer to Nvidia’s Tegra Zone.

Like NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone, Qualcomm has grouped together the best games that optimize the use of the Qualcomm SnapDragon chip set.  The first iteration of the SnapDragon Game Pack highlights the deep collaboration between Qualcomm and some of the top game publishers in the world including; Glu Mobile, Digital Chocolate, Namco, Gameloft and many others. It will of course include the games developed by Qualcomm’s in house developers too.

“We are always pushing the limits of 3D Social Mobile game quality with the goal of delivering a dynamic, console-like gaming experience,” said Giancarlo Mori, chief creative officer, Glu Mobile. “The Snapdragon Game Pack offers top developers like Glu the tools needed to continue delivering this experience on the next generation of mobile devices.”

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Qualcomm has been pushing partner relationships heavily.  At the recent Appnation conference in April, Qualcomm had booth space to highlight their development device and talk to developer’s to collaborate with them.  At MWC earlier this year Qualcomm’s SnapDragon division showed the highly anticipated NetFlix app which is optimized for the SnapDragon processor.

Since Qualcomm’s SnapDragon processor has been out a fair amount longer than the Tegra 2 processor, obviously there is way more content at roll out for the SnapDragon Game Pack. The first installment features 100 games that are optimized for the Qualcomm processor set.  Future installments are supposed to highlight games made for the SnapDragon processors that will feature quad-core Adreno GPU’s as well as games optimized for SnapDragon processors driving larger displays like tablets.

Namco’s senior R&D Director, Dominic Lobbia, added:

“Qualcomm has also provided industry-leading tools, including the Adreno Profiler, which has enabled us to fine-tune the 3D performance of our games on the Snapdragon platform.”

While we await the arrival of the official SnapDragon game pack site you can always check out the SnapDragon optimized offerings here

Source: Qualcomm