Prank Play And Chat Across Platforms With Fun Mobility’s Fun Chat

Fun Chat by the crew at Fun Mobility is bringing exciting new ways to interact with people using smartphones no matter if their an iOS fan or an Android lover.  Fun Mobility’s fun chat let’s you prank, play and chat in a single app on either operating system.

FunChat is a whole lot more than just chat. Through Fun Mobility’s funchat platform developers can create open standard games that run on both iOS and Android. Gone are the days of developing a great game on one operating system and having to rebuild the entire game to port it to another.  FunChat is the world’s first cross platform app blending chat, multi player gaming, HTML 5 games and virtual goods.

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Now you can chat with your friends in personalized bubbles in either a one on one chat or in a party setting. You can make your own neo-anime avatar for your chat. When you get tired of just chatting you and your friends can hop right into one of FunChats cross platform multi-player games.

FunChat currently offers great multi-player games like: concentration, carnival duck shooting, mach 3 racing, and more. All of the FunChat games are built in HTML-5 and optimized for both iOS and Android. FunMobility is also inviting developers to develop their own HTML-5 multi player games for the FunChat platform.

To take the gaming experience over the top FunChat offers FunGold virtual currency. With FunGold you earn and save virtual currency, goods, rewards and achievements. FunChat users can earn FunGold for every action taken and then redeem the virtual currency for avatars, advanced chat bubbles, in game items and pranks. The more you use FunChat the more points you will earn. The best part is it’s all free to join, download and use.

FunChat even offers pranks. Send a fun prank to another FunChat user regardless of whether their iPhone or Android phone has FunChat in standby mode. As long as FunChat is installed your friend will get the prank.  Pranks range from wolf whistles, to angry pigs and rubber duckies.

Source: Fun Mobility