Powerskins Adds To Android Line Up With Powerskin For HTC Desire HD / HTC Inspire


There’s no doubt that HTC has released some incredible Android phones as of late (no pun intended). However battery life has never been their strong point.

There have been a few great third party battery solutions including slim line extended batteries and even using a backup battery charger.  However one of our favorite power solutions is the Power Skin.

Power Skin offers a case and power solution in one. You get a form fitted silicone case that protects your phone from little mishaps. You also get a spare battery that charges while charging your phones internal battery.

When you’re on the go the PowerSkin can recharge your internal battery as it drains.  You can also use the PowerSkins on off switch, let your internal battery drain and then use the PowerSkin to recharge it later in the day.

PowerSkins Android offerings already include the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the original Sprint/HTC Evo 4G. They’ve now added a PowerSkin for the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T.

The PowerSkin sells for $59.99 but if you act fast and use the promo code “powerup2” you can get 20% off.

Source: PowerSkins

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