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PocketNow Discovers HTC Evo 3D For GSM?

Evan and the crew at Pocketnow have stumbled upon the HTC Evo 3D, GSM device either that or some other HTC Android device with 2 (presumably) 3D cameras in the rear.

When the HTC Evo 3D was announced at CTIA in Orlando Florida earlier this year we were told that there would be some kind of international variant.  This of course make sense because the HTC Flyer tablet was announced as both the HTC Flyer and the Sprint Evo View 4G and it too is coming out this summer.

Well when HTC rolled out their developers website, it featured HTC’s lineup of Android superphones and next to the HTC Evo 3D there was another dual camera device. Pocketnow not only points out a change in the way the back looks with the cameras but also the fact that there are two Evo designs with two different Sense builds.

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If you head on over to pocketnow check out the check out the three different Evo 3D shots. The first is from the Sprint website with the personalize button on the bottom right hand picture of the screen. The second is the Evo 3D picture from the HTC website, also with personalize button in toe.  The third picture (all the way to the right) shows a plus button where the personalize button is on the other two pics.

We know from having an HTC Sensation 4G in the office that the HTC Sense 3.0 build has the personalize buttom as does the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Inspire 4G.  It was an older version when the plus button was present in the far right corner. Just a minor detail but obviously a different version of Sense.

HTC has been on a roll with their high end hardware as of late.  We all know that the HTC Evo 3D is the intended replacement for the ever so popular HTC Evo 4G.  We also know that HTC did a “custom” version of the HTC Flyer for Sprint, in the form of the HTC Evo View 4G so we can’t expect that they are holding the 3D goodness exclusively for Sprint.  The question is, did they accidently out it on their developer’s website.

Source: Pocketnow

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