Operation Food not Bombs as the users like to call it has officially started…(UpdateS inside)

I’ve just been sent an anonymous link as to report that “Operation Orlando” as its being called has now started. For what it is about, is the City of Orlando has put into law the people can’t feed the homeless if more than 20 are there. This is in quick reaction to a number of people complaining to be attacked by homeless. However Food not Bomb is a non-profit organization that is set up world wide to help the homeless. As seen in the video below:

Factions of Anonymous are now what we are being told as they are “Black Fax and Email Bombing” them. What this means is that the letter bellow is both being faxed and emailed to a LARGE list of city employees. I’ve been told on from an anonymous participant that

Arresting people for caring about not seeing people dying in the streets from hunger makes no sense and those doing the arrest should be the one’s helping feed the homeless.

More and more we are seeing things like this pop up around the country where instead of people protesting, they’ve taken to technology to voice their opinions. People may say that those who are doing things like this should be thrown in jail, locked up and never see the light again. But we have to remember no less then 200 years ago the United States was born from its people uprising due to feeling oppressed. Feeling like they are being taken advantage of and not being treated fairly. Remembering how we got here and the actions that where taken years ago that made us who we as a country are today was justified. Why are these actions not as well. While it does say it’ll take place later in day I have been told it indeed has started and will continue all day. Once the offices open up we’ll contact them about this for what they want to say. Make sure to check back later for updates as this goes on…

What is being sent:

Apparently the City of Orlando is just not getting the message that

this behavior is simply un-acceptable in a free society. We therefore

hereby declare the Mayor and Police Chief of Orlando, Florida to be

human rights abusers – and we will heretofore deal with you as such.

We have experience in this department, we have been forwarding evidence

of human rights abuses from all over the world to Amnesty International

and the UN Human Rights Commission for some time now – and we have an

excellent relationship with both of these fine organizations. Begining

immediately Anonymous will begin collecting evidence like the video above

and doing the same with this travesty of justice in Orlando, Florida.

In addition, Anonymous will begin at once a global boycott of the City of

Orlando (see attached jpeg). Our goal will be to E-Mail the poster for this

Boycott to 250,000,000 E-Mail addresses in 50 countries in one month. You

didn’t want to listen, so now we will hit you where it hurts and DDoS your


Finally, and along the same theme of striking at the City of Orlando coffers

– we will assault the Orlando Chamber of Commerce web site, removing it from

the interwebz completely begining at 10:00 AM EDT tomorrow (June 20, 2011).

This live fire action will be accompanied by a Black Fax & E-Mail Bomb

targeting this organization. The Orlando Chamber of Commerce can easily be

removed from our target list by releasing a statement in support of Food Not

Bombs and calling upon the City of Orlando to halt persecution of FNB.

We Are Everywhere – We Are Legion – We Never Forget – We Never Forgive –


SIGNED — Anonymous

Update: We are hearing reports via Twitter that they are now doing what is called a DoS attack on there websites.

Update2: After calling the city or Orlando’s Majors office they refuse comment as well as saying all these rumors are not true of emails and or faxes along with the fact that their websites are working fine.

Update3: I was just send a comment from one of the people who stated this…

Commander X says this is just the begining, we have tried being nice and we have tried warning them. The gloves are off, we can strike anywhere at anytime. As long as the arrests continue they can expect us.

Update4: After getting off the phone with Scott Fagen he has stated:

We have recieved emails/fax’s and our website is currently down… This makes no sense as we are the lowest targets that should be hit, as we are a non-profit organization that has no influence in this. Someone like the Chamber of Tourism would be a more likely and better hit website, attacking us does nothing.

Also we have not currently talked with factions in Anonymous who are doing this as we are trying to figure things out and then move in an orderly fashion.

Update5: As seen below in the comments, one of those “attacking” has been kind enough to let us know whats going on, now that they are going after Rick Scott the Governor of Florida. CommanderX:

Seems I accidentally included the Governor of Florida’s E-mail address in the E-Mail Bomb for Op Orlando. So very sorry about all those boycott posters Mr. Governor. Look on the bright side, now you have a souveneer !

We keep getting updates through out the day on this, so make sure to keep coming back as this story keeps developing as fast as it can. We are trying to get back in contact with the “leader” of this however we are unable to at the present time. Once we are able to we’ll have more comment on what they have to say in response to Mr. Fagen’s comments.

This story doesn’t end, we are now trying to reach out to Gov. Scott for his reaction that now he is in the middle of this, will update yet again when that happens.

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  1. while i think this may potentially backfire i hope supporters in the anonymous network are aware of and will contribute to july 1st, when FNB will be camping out in front of city halls across florida and elsewhere. direct action in the streets is what is going to teach the state to back off of our freedoms.

  2. Seems I accidentally included the Governor of Florida’s E-mail address in the E-Mail Bomb for Op Orlando. So very sorry about all those boycott posters Mr. Governor. Look on the bright side, now you have a souveneer !

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