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OnLive Announces Plans For Wireless Controller

OnLive is a cloud gaming company that already offers a wireless controller that is compatible with the HTC Flyer, however they have announced their intentions to bring this controller to more than just HTC devices.

In an email to PC Magazine, OnLive had stated, “The controller will communicate with tablets including a Samsung Galaxy Tab, via the tablet’s Bluetooth. The idea is that any Android tablet can be controlled using our universal wireless controller and we’ll be showing several examples next week of this in action, in addition to the Flyer.”

Another nice addition that was added was for those of us that may not have Bluetooth connectivity, such as televisions and Bluray players, is the ability to be able to hook up this controller via a USB dongle.

At the moment there are already close to hundred games available on OnLive, with more to come soon, along with the already announced game console that should be launching in the United Kingdom very soon.

The company plans on launching their Universal Wireless Controller later on. At the moment an exact date and price are unclear, but we do look forward to hearing more.


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