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Nifty Accessory Alert: The Cell Handle/ E-Handle, CE Week NY Coverage

If you told me that I would be impressed with a couple of pieces of velcro and a wristband I would probably laugh, and that’s just what I did when I received some initial press information about the cell handle.  However, when we got to their booth at CE Week NY I was actually impressed, very impressed.

The Cell Handle  and E-Handle are both accessories that when you realize the idea, you think “wow how come no one has thought of that?” Again it’s so simple it’s almost laughable.

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The Cell Handle and E-Handle use military grade, “soft” velcro.  This type of velcro sticks together extremely well but it’s not as abrasive on the user as the velcro you can pick up at Walmart.

So one velcro piece goes on the phone or tablet while the other is built into a wristband.  The velcro is rated to hold things up to 9 pounds, and of course with a cell phone  you’re talking about just ounces.  The Cell Handle band actually goes around your middle or index finger and it holds the phone to your hand so you don’t get fatigue from holding the phone.

If you want to make a call, especially a lengthy one, just hold your hand up to your ear.  The positioning of the velcro and the band allow you full access to your cell phones screen buttons and functions.  Once you use this thing for a little while you realize how much easier it is to hold the phone.

Cell Handle also makes stationary velcro mounts for your desk, cubicle, refrigerator, kitchen wall etc which will allow you to store the phone and it won’t fall off the velcro.

The best word for the Cell Handle and E-Handle is nifty.  The Cell Handle is only $20 and once you use it, you’ll notice a convenience and a difference you didn’t know existed.

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