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New Videos of Droid 3 & New Version Of Blur

The Droid 3 is Motorola and Verizon’s big secret, well at least it is supposed to be but all good secrets can’t stay secrets now can they? Today, a series of YouTube videos were discovered giving users a tutorial of the upcoming Android device, and while we still have yet to find a release date for this baby many of us believe that we could be seeing it this month.

From what has been seen from these videos is a new version of Moto Blur, which for you Blur lovers is a great thing to hear. This new version of Blur is said to have 3D animations which could be similar to what we have seen on HTC devices. You will notice in the videos that the lock screen is also different from what we have seen on other Blur devices including the Droid 2 and DroidX2.

The Droid 3 also features an 8mp camera with LED flash and similar to the Atrix this device will be webtop ready. There is also a 5 row keyboard, can record 1080 videos and has a HDMI out port so you can share via PC or TV. We still are waiting on word regarding the processor which is rumored to be a OMAP.

Hopefully, we will begin to hear more regarding official information regarding the D3, but in till then take a look at the videos below.


Adding Contacts:

Using the keyboard:


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