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Nearly Half Of iOS Developer’s Are Developing For Android As Well.

A survey taken at Apple’s WWDC conference in San Francisco earlier this month revealed some interesting information.  According to the survey 47% of developers polled say that they also develop for Android.

Bare in mind the source of the data, we’d say that is an overwhelminly large response, after all these are true to the heart Apple developers who shelled out thousands of dollars to attend WWDC.

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iOS developers who did not develop for Android, and even some that do, cited fragmentation, less monetization and distribution as reasons that they still prefer iOS over Android.  While the iOS platform has only a handful of iPads, iPod touches and iPhones to develop for there are over 200 devices now that run the Android operating system.

Some iOS developers also prefer Apple’s controlled distribution.  While others say when they aren’t in the presence of thousands of other Apple developers, that the vetting process at Apple is frustrating.  Android apps have distribution at a number of third party app stores including Apia, Getjar and the Amazon market.  While Android developers (always the optimists) like multiple revenue streams, the iOS developers in this survey prefer to get checks only from Cupertino.

As Android continues to grow, more and more iOS developers are adding the little green robot to their portfolio.

source: TG Daily

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