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Mozilla Releases Firefox 5 For Android With Do Not Track

Although Mozilla’s Firefox was a little late to the Android browser game, lately they’ve been on top of things because of their new rapid development cycle initiative, promising quicker releases with important and enriching features.

According to Mozilla’s website the latest version of their mobile browser was just released across multiple platforms. This version includes over 1000 improvements and performance enhancements. Firefox offers hundreds of thousands of add-ons and according to Mozilla over 85% of Firefox 4 users have some type of add-on installed.

One of the biggest enhancements to Firefox 5 is the “Do Not Track” option. When selected Firefox 5 will tell websites that you visit not to capture your information and build a marketing profile. Mobile privacy has become a hot button topic as of late with users finding out that both Apple and Google to some degree harvest anonymous data from their respective smartphone OS’s.

source: Mozilla via Pocketnow

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