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Motorola’s Sanjay Jha Sheds Light On 4G/LTE Problems With Verizon & More at BOA/Merill Lynch Conference

Sanjay Jha keynoted today’s sessions at the Bank of America/Merill Lynch Technology Conference held in Manhattan on Thursday. While most of our fellow tech and Android bloggers have covered the fact that Jha attributed 70% of returns to software and apps, there were a number of other things Jha shed light on at the conference.

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Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha File Photo

Why we were late on 4G/LTE
Jha acknowledged the fact that HTC beat them to the punch when it comes to 4G/LTE at Verizon. Jha identified Verizon as being more innovative in the high end smartphone space because they have such a corner on the 4G marketplace.  He also went on to reveal that they were late on two 4G/LTE devices, presumably the Droid Bionic, announced at CES, and the upgrade for the Motorola Xoom.

Jha said they were late with the 2 4G/LTE products because “…we had network interactions with our protocol stack…”. Jha went on to say that he was comfortable with the progress they were making and that both products should make it to market this summer.  He didn’t however say if the Bionic was having a complete overhaul.

Motorola is Definitely Not in The Running For Ice Cream Sandwich Flagship Product.

Of course we’ve all seen the rumors and the post and than unpost of HTC pictures at All of the rumors have been surrounding LG and or HTC and the flagship product for Ice Cream Sandwich.  Jha said today that Motorola wasn’t in that running.  Motorola held onto a strong position with three critical launches in the Android eco-system. Of course the original Droid, or Droid 1, The Droid X which brought Flash to the Android scene, and the Motorola Xoom which was the first product to debut with Honeycomb.

During the Q&A Portion of this discussion one reporter asked what the relationship with Google was like and if it was stable.  Jha mentioned that with Google and his fellow OEM partners it was a horizontal market and that everyone of the major OEM’s was given a unique opportunity with Google out of fairness. Jha went onto say “…I anticipate we won’t be the first with the next version of Android”

Re-affirms Commitment To Android
When Jha was asked if there were plans to support other eco-systems Jha said he was comfortable with his decision to continue to support Android and had no plans for other eco-systems, presumably an in house OS as well. Jha said that Motorola was the only high end manufacturer focused solely on Android and they will continue to do that.  Although Samsung has released more Android devices and HTC beat Motorola to the 4G punch, both of those OEM’s also have Windows Mobile based devices.  Samsung also has their own OS, with Bada.

Jha continued to say that Motorola will focus on 4 main areas within Android to help them differentiate from the other OEM’s. Those areas are: Enterprise, Webtop, Multimedia Everywhere and Moto Blur.  Both Webtop and Moto Blur are proprietary to Motorola.  As far as WebTop goes when speaking about Webtop Jha kept emphasizing different sizes and larger displays and accessorizing the device which makes us wonder if there are other “dock” accessories for future devices, including a possible Tab Dock as reported by TDG earlier this year.

When talking about the Motorola Atrix Jha was quick to say that they would be participating with Sprint as well.  Next week we will be attending a Sprint event with both Dan Hesse and Sanjay Jha where we may see a Sprint Motorola Atrix, and could we also see a Tab Dock?

Stay tuned.

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