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Motorola Triumph Trumps All Other Prepaid Android Devices

There is only one word to describe the feeling a lot of us had at the Sprint/Motorola event last Thursday in New York City when Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse and Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha unveiled the new Motorola Triumph headed to Virgin Mobile.  That word is “WOW”.

First off the Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile was the only completely “original” device presented at the event and in the last few months in this new found partnership with Sprint.

More on the Motorola Triumph, including video, after the break

Although the Photon 4G has a lot of enhancements in the enterprise space from it’s sister phone the Motorola Atrix, it is still roughly the same device. The same goes for the Motorola XPRT.  The Motorola XPRT is very similar to it’s sister the Droid Pro on Verizon. Again Motorola has tweaked a lot of enterprise features and slightly tweaked the keyboard for the Sprint version.

The Motorola Triumph (although it resembles the Droid X) was built from the ground up to go on the Virgin Mobile network.

The Motorola Triumph, even on paper, towers any of the offerings other pre-paid mobile carriers have in the Android space.  The Motorola Triumph features a 1ghz processor, 4.1″ WVGA screen, 1400mah battery, and 5 megapixel camera.

It’s the first Android powered smartphone with a front facing camera to appear on any prepaid carrier.  It’s also the first Android powered smartphone on any prepaid carrier to have an HDMI out.

The Motorola Triumph is a differentiator in the prepaid world.  It takes hardware that is more commonly found on a post paid carrier and gives prepaid customers access to that caliber hardware.  Over the years it’s believed that the prepaid customer has changed, along with prepaid plans.  Now prepaid customers include cost conscious types who want the same type of technology as post paid carriers without the threat of overages.

The Motorola Triumph will be a welcomed smartphone for the prepaid business user and the media and entertainment seeking consumer.

Sprint/Virgin Mobile report that the Triumph will be available this summer, but haven’t released a price. The closest rival Android currently available on any carrier would be the Samsung Indulge and it retails for around $300 of course that’s off contract.

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