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Magenta and WildTangent Team Up To Bring Game Rentals

T-Mobile will be offering a new and interesting way to rent games starting this summer. WildTangent announced their plans to launch a new gaming service that will be partnering with the almighty Magenta.

This new gaming service will allow customers to play a variety of games for free and also some that will cost 25 cents for a few hours of game play. Another bonus is the company announced that the rental fee can also be applied to the purchase price of the game.

“Through this new service with T-Mobile, we will give developers new options, modernizing the industry with a service model that fully monetizes game play through advertising and repeat-game-play,” said WildTangent CEO Mike Peronto in a release. “T-Mobile will give consumers more gaming options on Android devices and will present games in a fun, curated fashion.”

WildTangent made it a point to let everyone know that this is not an app store and that they are not even attempting to create an app store. The company only hopes to provide users a new option that allows them to get the feel for the game via a rental service. The company also said that they will be introducing their “WildCoins” that will be able to be used to make in-game purchases or also for renting the game.

We will began to see the start of this new way to rent games starting later on this year.



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