LulzSec Taking Your Requests At 614-LULZSEC

From the Holy Poop Batman File…

LulzSec your friendly neighborhood hacker of the month is known for their hacking of PBS, Sony Music, The government and an FBI partner in Atlanta.  Now they’re taking requrests at 614-LULZSEC. We realize at printing time this phone number may be taken down but that is the number the hacker group had put on it’s website inviting anonymous fans to suggest targets of their next big hack.

After holding an event called “Titanic Takeover Tuesday” LulzSec posted the number on their twitter feed accepting requests for their next target.  Prior to the phone number Titanic Takeover yielded hacks of The Escapist, Finfisher and the login servers of Minecraft, League of Legends and EVE online.

According to LulzSec they received over 5,000 missed calls and 2500 voice mails a few hours after posting the phone number.

LulzSec is taunting authorities with their most recent actions. Wonder what’s next?

Source: PCWorld

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