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Lookout: New Trojan Charges Premium Text Messages


Our friends at LookOut mobile security have tracked a new malicious Trojan that is targeting Android users.

The Trojan called GGTracker sends unknowing Android users to a fake site that resembles the Android market site. From there users are prompted to download malicious apps that contain the GGTracker.

That’s where it gets worse. Once installed on the users Android phone it then takes over their sms feature and sends out text messages that users are charged a premium for.

It’s easier to be tricked into a malicious web site on a smartphone because of the size of the phone, and the size of the browser.

LookOut put out a new product that is coincidentally only available in their premium service called Safe Browsing, which would have protected users from this exact thing happening.

Rest assured if you downloaded GGTracker and have the free or premium version of LookOut installed it will protect you from GGTracker. However the premium version with Safe Browsing would have spotted the malicious internet site in the first place.

Source: Lookout

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