Lulz Security Takes FBI Partner In Atlanta

You must have heard of Lulz Security by now. Lulz Security is the team of hackers responsible for some of the PSN hacks, the X-Factor hack, PBS, several hacks of Sony Entertainment and now they’ve turned to an FBI partner company based in Atlanta.

InfraGard Atlanta is described by Yahoo London as  a “public-private partnership devoted to sharing information about threats to the U.S. physical and Internet infrastructure”. Wait a second did they say that InfrafGard shares information about threats against the US Internet infrastructure? And they got hacked by Lulz Security?

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That’s right, according to sources Lulz Security obtained email addresses, passwords and some identifying information about over 180 members of the InfraGard organization. They were also able to use the information gained from the InfraGard hack to steal nearly 1000 work and personal emails from the Chief Executive at Delaware based Unveillance LLC.

It’s a little disconcerting to find that an organization like Lulz Security is able to hack the FBI partner used to help prevent this kind of thing from happening.  What makes it even worse is that Lulz Security has indicated that all of their hacks to this point have been relatively easy.

Nintendo was able to thwart an attack from Lulz security.  According to Nintendo Lulz Security hacked into their site but walked away empty handed.  Sony on the other hand hasn’t had that much luck these days in terms of security.  Their PSN network has been hacked several times with millions of customer data, including credit card numbers, stolen.  Sony BMG, Sony Music and Sony Pictures all had internal email addresses and passwords stolen along with coupon codes from a hack of their Belgium and Netherlands websites.

Source: Yahoo

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