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LG Optimus Slider Headed To Sprint

Some may remember a while back that there were rumors of another LG Optimus phone outside of the LG Optimus 1 and the LG Optimus 3D (Thrill), this was the LG Optimus Gelato.  Now we’ve come to find, thanks to the nice folks at Android Central and CrackBerry, that the LG Optimus Gelato is the LG Optimus Slider.  Of course it’s a safe assumption that slider means slide out qwerty keyboard.

There are no specs for this device, just this leaked Sprint Inventory screen obtained by Crackberry/Android Central showing that the device will come in both Midnight Blue and Purple.

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Earlier in the week it was revealed that despite their best efforts LG was not going to hit their optimistic quarterly forecast, however things are moving much better than last year.  LG currently has the LG G2X on T-Mobile along with the G-Slate (which we absolutely love). They also have the LG Optimus Black releasing overseas and the LG Optimus 3D which will launch in the US on AT&T as the Optimus Thrill.

We’ve had an LG Optimus 3D since May and it’s a pretty nice piece of hardware.  As for the LG Optimus Slider, the screenshot doesn’t reveal a release date but we can hope it’s before the end of this Summer of Android.

source: Android Central

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