Latest Comscore: Android On Top Business Wire: At this point, we don’t see how Apple manages to slow down the Google juggernaut

The April numbers are in for the Comscore index which ranks mobile phones, mobile phone operating systems and trends in usage.  Again, Android is on top.

According to Comscore in the three month period ending in April 2011 74.6 million American’s owned smartphones which was up 13% from the previous three month period.  Of those smartphones 36.4% of those devices ran on Android, while 26% were iOS devices.  Research In Motion (RIM) came in third place moving down 30.4% to 25.7% this quarter.  It’s also very worthy to note that Microsoft and their Windows Phone 7 platform moved down from 8.0% to 6.7% (it’s supposed to go the other direction when introducing a new OS)

HP/Palm who’ve apparently been on hiatus, just recently introduced a new device the HP Veer which was just made available two weeks ago. HP/Palm saw a decrease from 3.2%-2.6%

Clearly the only two operating systems that moved in the right direction were Android and iOS.

In regards to Android consistently outperforming Apple’s iOS, Business Insider offered this: At this point, we don’t see how Apple manages to slow down the Google juggernaut.

source: Comscore

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