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Judge Offers Samsung & Apple Executive A Box Of Chocolates To Settle

It seems that San Jose CA Federal Court Judge Lucy Koh is as sick of this Apple vs Samsung vs Apple lawsuit mess as we are.

In open court this past Friday, Koh (who is presiding over Apple vs Samsung) asked Apple’s chief legal counsel in the matter Harold McElhinny, if the two sides could sit down and talk it out.  McElhinny explained to Koh that yes both sides were already meeting at the highest levels.

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As a form of encouragement Koh said to McElhinnye
“I will send you with box of chocolates, whatever,” in hopes that Apple and Samsung could settle out of court and stop taking up the courts time.

Despite this on-going court battle Apple was Samsung’s second largest customer last year after Sony for their purchases from Samsung’s semi-conductor business.  Samsung provides components found in both iPhones and iPads.

Late Thursday Apple added just about every Samsung Android device to the list of offending phones in this patent legislation. What was peculiar to us was that the Samsung Sidekick 4G was in that list which was of course modeled after Danger’s Sidekick, for which Android head, Andy Rubin, was the creator.

source: Reuters

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