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Is That A Google TV In The Android Market

While I’d say that Honeycomb Tablets and Chromebooks were the big thing at this years Google I/O conference in May, there was a lot of talk, and some good sessions about Google TV.  Not just about Google TV though, developing apps for Google TV.

Now what do you need when you pitch developing Google TV apps to 5,000 hungry developers?  A place to get the apps from the developer to the consumer.  That place is, the Android Market.

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Although we’re not sure when Google TV will officially unveil an optimized Android market within the confines of the Google TV experience, what we can tell you is that our friends at Android Central reported Monday afternoon that Google TV is definitely showing up under devices in the Android Market.

Google TV made a bigger splash at Google I/O 2010 but that was just the announcement and unveiling of the first set of products. This year brought the developers into Google TV land.  There was a lot of worry in the early part of the year that Google TV rolled out to softly, however once the 3.x Android Market hits Google TV, that’s when the game changing will occur.

Source: Android Central

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