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HTC To Triple Retail Operations In Mainland China

HTC is currently experiencing the most explosive growth in the companies history.  Android has helped HTC grow from a smaller company, to one of the largest OEM’s in the world. While their growth has been focused on their hardware lately, HTC announced plans today to triple their retail presence in mainland China.

HTC currently has 630 branded retail locations.  HTC stores offer a show, tell and purchase experience in a brick and mortar location which gives customers hands on time to purchase their device based on the device over the carrier.  Here in the United States it’s always been the other way around, except for the iPhone.

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HTC rival Samsung, does have a “Samsung Experience” location in the Columbus Center in New York City where customers can peruse all of Samsung’s products from washing machines to cameras and of course mobile products. However the Samsung Experience doesn’t allow customers to purchase products in store.  Sony has a handful of similar like locations and you can purchase tvs, digital cameras, computers and mobile devies in the Sony stores.

HTC says they plan to triple their store locations to 2000 by the end of 2011. That seems like a pretty lofty goal, especially considering economic times are strained across most of the world.  HTC seems certain that with their products selling every 68 seconds that more retail locations will lead to more success.

Apple has also said that it will beef up their retail locations in China. In retrospect Apple plans on upping their store count from 5 in China to 25.

source: TNW via MobileCrunch

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