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HTC Scribe To Come Free With HTC Evo View 4G On Sprint

When HTC released the HTC Flyer Wi-Fi version exclusively through Best Buy last month people were in an uproar to find out that the HTC Scribe (digital pen) was an accessory sold separately and for upwards of $70.

Some Best Buy locations reacted by giving away the HTC Scribe free with the purchase of the Wi-Fi Flyer. This was on a store by store basis and it was the manager’s decision whether or not they wanted to “eat” the cost of the Scribe for the sale.  In fact Best Buy stores in D25 and D90 (Washington and Baltimore) all gave the Scribe away with purchase the week after launch.

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Sprint seems to be taking Best Buy’s lead.  According to the screen shot obtained by one of Android Central’s ninja’s, the HTC (don’t call me Flyer) Evo View 4G will cost $399 after $160 2 year savings and another $100 instant rebate on a new 2 year data plan. They are also throwing the HTC Scribe in free.

The HTC Scribe is a digital pen, not to be confused with a capacitive stylus.  It’s not even that HTC is trying to trick you.  The HTC Flyer has been digitized and certain apps are designed to take advantage of that. Some of the pen features include the ability to scribble on websites “John Madden” style. In fact’s Russell Holly has enjoyed uploading pics to Twitter of his master pieces created atop websites.

The other great app for the HTC Scribe is the notes app. The notes app is part note taking app part Koala pad art app.  The HTC Scribe can be used to draw, sketch, color, fill in, select different size marks etc.  Also while taking notes you can clip audio recordings to the notes, perfect for lecture settings.

The HTC Scribe is actually part of the selling point on why to get the HTC Scribe over another tablet (kind of like the 200,000 apps vs 80).  So we couldn’t figure out how HTC could justify selling the HTC Scribe as a separate accessory. That’s like selling a stand alone GPS without the dash mount, or heck a car without seats.

Source: Android Central

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