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HTC Announces Facebook Phone For AT&T

Earlier today, HTC announced on Facebook that they will be releasing the HTC Status, the first US Facebook phone, for AT&T this summer. The phone will have a Blackberry-esque hardware build, featuring a 2.6 inch screen with a full querty keyboard below. The phone also has a 5mp rear camera, and a VGA front facing camera. The Status will be running Android 2.3 with HTC Sense, but the real standout feature is the Facebook share button.

This Facebook share button allows quick and easy access to sharing what you are doing, you you are with, and other things with your friends on Facebook. While on the home screen hitting the Facebook button lets you quickly post a status update or write on a friend’s wall. The button also allows you to immediately share a snapped photo, or the song you are listening to, just by tapping it. Another notable thing is that the press release states that “dragging an app into the lock screen ring” leading us to believe this will be HTC Sense 3.0. If that is the case, this will be the second phone to the Sensation to receive Sense 3.0. It will definitely not be as large a presentation of Sense 3.0 given the 2.6 inch screen, but we will see how fully featured this device really is in the future. Whether it’s scaled down Sense 3.0 or not, this phone is more of a Facebook phone than an Android phone anyways, Android is just the OS used to build the experience.

Obviously, this will also attract different users, and AT&T isn’t a stranger to locking down their users choice of apps, so we will just have to see when the phone is released. Until then, this is a  pretty cool little device, and clearly is what we have been hearing for quite some time that a Facebook-centered phone would be released. Again this phone, the HTC Status, will be headed to AT&T this summer. Stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more updates and news on this Facebook phone, and other Android devices.

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