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HTC Desire Owners… No Gingerbread For You

Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this:

Today a story has fiercely been moving about the interwebs.  Yes it’s true HTC has said they can not support a Gingerbread upgrade for the HTC Desire.

My first thought, since I actually use a Desire everyday, was why in the world can’t you do a Gingerbread upgrade for the Desire when the Nexus One has one and the hardware is loosely the same.  While I was a little flabbergasted at that, I’ve decided that really I’m not going to hold it against HTC.

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Motorola, Samsung and to this moment, LG have all disappointed users with non upgrade issues. In fact Samsung from time to time won’t man up like HTC did and just say that some of their devices won’t upgrade.  As much as it stings Motorola is usually the first OEM to announce xx device won’t make the cut.

So this time it’s HTC and they’re in the middle of a great run. I know that based on when the Desire was released and the fact that a lot of international Android users just buy phones outright, they can just move on to the next killer Android device.

Other than this upgrade HTC has typically been quicker with Android version updates. Hopefully after this little hiccup, regular updating will resume.

source: Android Police

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