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HTC Cha Cha Changing Name In US, Salsa Not Coming At All?

Wednesday night in New York City we saw Boy Genius Report’s Todd Haselton and Jonathan Geller sneak off into a corner of a trade event with the people from HTC.  This morning they broke the story that the HTC Cha Cha may not be the Cha Cha when it actually gets to the United States and AT&T.

BGR reported that the HTC Cha Cha will be called the HTC Status. Status is a great name for a Facebook integrated device, don’t ya think?

HTC ran into some trouble with the name Cha Cha so as to not cause any problems the phone will now be known as the HTC Cha Cha.. (Keith I guess we don’t need that Mexico trip now LOL).

BGR is also reporting that the HTC Salsa will not make it to the United States.

Source: BGR

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