Hacking thanks to @LulzSec and others have brought a new age of “hackers”

While this article isn’t to glorify the act of either Blackhat or Whitehat hacking. It is to bring forward the fact that it has now another platform in which to do mischief from. With new devices such as the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy 10.1 what we are able to do via mobile is vastly changing and being blurred to what at one time only fully built computers could do. Anonymous and LulzSec have had the spotlight on them do to the fact that one is out for political change and the other group is doing it for the Lulz as well as the groups have taken to Twitter to either gain a following or to announce hacks. In this article though we’ll explain how Anonymous thanks to devices like the Xoom and Galaxy can have more “followers” and copycats then ever before.

Anonymous uses DoS’s(Denial of Service) attacks to bring down websites, however whats not explained is something as simple as a Xoom could do the same thing with a simple mobile LOIC:

LOIC is an open source network attack application, written in C#. A JavaScript version has also been created enabling a DoS from a web browser.LOIC was initially developed by Praetox Technologies, but later it was released into the public domain.

Now users can just go to a specific website on their Xoom’s and doing one of these DoS attacks and no coding experience needed.

As you can see in the video, its that easy to while on the Xoom to perform a DoS attack on a website(its my own) and all you need is a VPN(if you want to do this without being found easily) and you now can join in on the “fun”. The interesting fact is thats not the only way you can perform such functions from your Android device anymore.

Back Track 5 which is a Linux Penetration Distro which if used on computers and correctly would be a valuable tool for security as well as students learning network systems. Has now found a following on the underground as one of the two Linux Distro’s to use due to the fact that what you can use for BlackHat is right there at your fingertips. It now has the ability to be ported over to the Motorola Xoom as seen in the picture below:

What you are looking at is what hackers use for their Linux OS due to the fact that like stated most everything you need is already built in.  Anonymous and LulzSec all use a mixture of what comes “stock” on this modified version of Linux and other things as well if they wanted to fullfill there objectives.

Also as we’ve talked about before sniffing applications are also starting to show up. FaceNiff being the latest in which if you are connected on a Wi-Fi network can view what other users are doing and even enter those sessions. Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter where just some of those I was able to “hijack” and manipulate to do what I wanted. After talking to the creator about it, he did mention that a version in which you could find out the passwords could work however due to moral issues wouldn’t build/release it to the public.

With the media, and Twitter blowing up with both support and coverage of these events, its not wonder that more and more people are starting to get interested in this. However what they also don’t realize in such Tweets like these besides being stupid are also admitting a federal crime:

However because of “hackers” like LulzSec people think that this behavior is not only ok but also not illegal also. As you’ve seen, all I need to do is have my Motorola Xoom, a VPN and anyone can take down a website or even order condoms for an elderly lady. Heres hoping he is actually stupid enough to send it to his own grandma with his name on it.

Graphic done by @bizz3d