Google’s Digital Archaelogy Exhibit At IWNY Headquarters

This week the internet converged on New York City as Internet Week New York took over. Internet Week New York is a great city wide event that focuses on technology and the internet.  Their PR firm though, PKPR have no grip on social media in fact their twitter account has less than 100 followers while their website touts how they are great at social media.  Hopefully next year IWNY will go with a better firm.

While the entire city offers different social media and internet related events the main epicenter for IWNY is the Metropolitan Pavillion home to many many events that we’ve attended with press credentials including: PepCom’s, CES unveiled, and the Sprint/Motorola phone launch the other day.

This year they had a much more open layout and bigger sponsor displays. One of the coolest displays was the Google backed, Digital Archaeology exhibit.

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The Digital Archaeology exhibit chronicled the changes in the internet from 1991 until today. Google suggests that it wasn’t until 1995 that the dot com era really took off, and of course it would still be three more years until Google itself showed up online.

The Digital Archaeology exhibit featured a wall of information (literally) along with interactive exhibits along the wall, a table that had Motorola Xooms inside of it with even more information, and then computers going back to 1991 with, you guessed it more information.

Take a look at the video above to see more about this cool Google powered exhibit.

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