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Google’s +1 Hits The Web, Including Thedroidguy, Go +1 Us Now

We’re not quite sure where Google’s new +1 fits in the whole social networking world.  It’s a novel little idea, put a ” (+1) “Like” button on any internet content you want and then you can like and share everything from great apps, to great movies, to great websites, you get the idea.

Google began rolling out their +1 service the other day by adding the +1 button in the Android Market website.  Today they’ve made the +1 button available to webmasters everywhere to add the +1 to their own websites.

When a reader/user goes to a website with a +1 button on it, provided they are signed into their Google account, they can add their “like” or +1 to that web content. From there your +1 is shared with other folks in your Google network.

+1 also adds your +1 ratings to web results, just saw a great movie, found a cool jacket, had fun at a beach resort +1, +1, +1 it’s all about sharing

Now try it out for yourself to the right

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