Google Shutting Down Google Health & Power Meter

If you aren’t familiar with Google health and Power Meter, that is the precise reason that Google Executives announced they are doing away with both services.

Google Health was a product very similar to Microsoft’s Health Vault. It’s a special place in the cloud for your personal health information, including your health records. The idea behind it was to keep all your health records in one centralized location where you had access to them and could share them with doctors, hospitals, dentists etc.  This way no matter where you are, if you had a health problem you had access to your records.

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Google Health also had a place for fitness buffs to track their routines, diets etc for their own records and again to share them with their doctor.  Google announced that they will end Google Health at the end of the year and that users will have access to the information to download to bring to other services for a year following that.  Google Health users will be able to download all of their history and records as an XML document that will import into the Microsoft program.

The other service Google is shutting down is Power Meter. Again Microsoft offers a similar product called Hohm.  Power meter allows you to import your power bill and usage into the program and offers solutions to help you keep your power bill low.  Power Meter will shut down on September 16th.

In April, when Larry Page took over as CEO, he asked all of Google’s project managers to update them on what they were working on.  Page is trying to streamline Google and focus on the projects that are working for them. At the same time though it has been reported that Page is letting each individual project unit work independently under the Google umbrella in a setting similar to how it was 5-10 years ago.

Source: PC World