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Google Removes Malicious Angry Birds Cheats From Market

Google has removed over 10 Angry Birds cheats apps after finding that they contained malware.

Most of the infected files contained the spyware program called Plankton which takes important information from your phone and delivers it back to their own servers. The information that Plankton takes includes your IMEI number, browser bookmarks and browser history.

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According to, Webroot analysts Andrew Brandt and Amanda Orozco found that Plankton had it’s sights set on Angry Birds. Some of the now removed apps included:
Angry Birds Rio Unlocker v1.o
Angry Birds Multi-User v1.0
Angry Birds cheater trainer helper v2.o.  These apps were found to add malicious code to your phone that gave creators of the malware remote access to the device.

Google took these apps down on June 5th but it’s still very possible that they are sitting on Android devices everywhere. If you’ve downloaded an Angry Birds cheats app you may want to check it out. You might also want to download Lookout from the Android Market


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