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Google IO Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1’s Get Android 3.1 Without Google Video

This past Thursday those of us lucky enough to score a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at Google I/O back in May started to receive a special treat. What was in the sweet treat? Android Honeycomb, 3.1.

It’s been reported that some of  those I/O Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners weren’t as fortunate as others, and some were struggling with getting a full update, we did receive it, of course as the headline indicates, without Google Video.
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According to what Google said about Honeycomb/Android 3.1, it’s supposed to include Google’s new video rental store.  The over the air update to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn’t have that app, at least not that we could find.  However Android 3.1 is still a pretty solid update.

You don’t notice anything different about the screen right away but some of the features are great and include:

Resizable Homescreen Widgets- Similar to some of the third party launchers (like ADW) and some of the custom UI’s for phones, with Android 3.1 you can customize the size on the widgets, want your mail widget to take up half the screen, no problem.  Want your bookmarks smaller, no problem. It allows you to add even more widgets to your already large screen.

Pointer Device Support
The 3.1 upgrade allows blue-tooth pointer devices including Apple’s infamous Magic track pad.  It makes navigating a whole lot easier however for some functions you still need to touch the screen. Add the magic track pad to a bluetooth keyboard and you have a device that would blow away some netbooks.

USB Host
Although not all the OEM’s have their USB Host adapters ready just yet, Android 3.1 allows USB host for USB devices like game pads, joysticks, hard drives and card readers.

Android 3.1 upgraded some of the core apps like calendar and the mail program. The browser now supports embedded HTML-5 video and features hardware acceleration.  For more Gizmodo (the source link) has some great coverage of Android 3.1 right here.

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Source: Gizmodo

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