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Google Contends Their Hardline Stance Against Taiwan Is For Developers

Yesterday we reported, along with many other sites, that Google was in a stand off with Taiwan in regards to paid apps in the Android Market.  To briefly recap; as you know Google has a 15 minute refund window implemented in the Android Market.  On the other hand, Taiwan has a 7 day refund period for any “virtual goods” purchased online.  The Taiwan government handed both Google and Apple an ultimatum, either change the policy, get out or pay huge fines.  Apple complied, Google got stuck with a $1 million dollar fine.

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Google executives from their Mountain View headquarters are expected to speak with Taiwan government officials on Thursday in regards to this issue. Google has already suggested that the 7 day grace period is unacceptable because some of the protected content could be copied and disposed of within the 7 day window.  This would pertain more to books, music and movies. Of course you could clear all the boards on a paid for game during that period too and then just get a refund.

Google suspended all paid for apps to Android users in Taiwan until this issue is resolved.  These negotiations between Taiwan officials and Google could pave the way for other software companies to take the same position.

Source: FocusTaiwan

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