Google Chromebook Verizon Wireless Data Pricing

As we all know the next installment of ChromeOS is headed to two new laptop devices called “Chromebooks”. Both Samsung and Acer are the launch partners for the new Chromebooks. The Samsung Chromebook launched this month and the Acer Chromebook launches in July.

Both devices come with integrated 3G data capabilities powered by the Verizon Wireless network.  We weren’t sure how much the data would cost but now we know.

  • $20/1G (30 days)
  • $35/3G (30 days)
  • $50/5G (30 days)
  • $9.99 unlimited day pass
  • Every Chromebook features the first 100mb free per month (resets every month) after that though you can get more data at the price points above, which don’t roll over and reset every month.

    Get a Chromebook and sign up for a Verizon Wireless data plan and you’ll enjoy start up in 8 seconds, up to 8.5 hours of battery life, built in security features and access to the Chrome OS store.

    Source: Verizon Wireless

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    1. I have a Verizon plan for my Motorola Android x. If iI buy a Chromebook would I have to pay more for service.

    2. personally, i don’t like or want a tablet. wifi works in so many places and i have tethering on my nexus s 4g, the 100 megs is a freebie that no other company does. Whether it is small or not is besides the point, it’s free and you aren’t going to get free data anywhere else. as for the $20 or $35/month or whatever, i say go with the $9.99 for unlimited daily access and call it a good day. I am writing this from my new chromebook.

    3. Are you joking.?  Those prices are raping the end-user. I hope they fall flat on their #$%^&

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