Godzilab Launching Stardunk For Android On June 20th

Multiplayer has always been huge in gaming, and I always love to see when a game can bring multiplayer to mobile platforms. Let’s face it, games are always more fun with others. Stardunk is a game in development by Godzilab that is launching in the Android Market on Monday, June 20th. We’ve already played a build of the game here at TDG, and it is definitely something we think you should check out on its launch day.

Stardunk is a basketball game, but not at all. What I mean by that is the point of the game is to put a ball through a hoop, but it’s no regular ball or hoop. The game is set in space and you shoot these cool little balls and this electric hoop to score points. The hoop’s backboard is split up into different parts, and you can score points by completing given interactions with the backboard. The game also has several unlockable balls that all have different powers and special things that they do. For example, one ball bounces once in the air after it is shot, making it easier not to airball it. The hoop moves up and down and back and forth during the game making it a game of angles. Depending on the ball you are using and where the hoop is, sometimes it can be really challenging to make the basket. On top of playing this game alone, there is multiplayer support between Android devices and iOS devices as well. This way you can compete with your friends globally and locally, to make the game that much more enjoyable. You can also create and customize your own balls to add a competitive edge between you and your friends.

Stardunk will be launching in the Android Market for free on June 20th. The game uses OpenFeint to help track scores between friends as well. At this point no special processors or devices are needed to play, so be sure to give it a try on launch day. Stay tuned to thedroidguy.com for more games and apps to check out.