George “GeoHot” Hotz Joins Facebook Team

George Hotz who goes by the name “Geohot” is well known for his iPhone and iPad jailbreaking, and even moreso for his hacking the PS3.  Geohot got in hot water with Sony and was actually sued by the company for jailbreaking his PS3.

After Sony began a full tilt assault on George Hotz, well respected Android hacker/modder Koush was offered a job at Sony. Sure Sony seems like it would be a fun place to work and the money was probably right for Koush but he actually declined the job offer, and even an interview citing the way they treated Hotz as his reason for declining.

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Apparently Sony has backed down in their position against Hotz.  Hotz contends that people should be able to do what they want with the devices that they’ve purchased.

Hotz has now taken his expertise to Facebook. He reported on his Facebook page that Facebook is “really an amazing place to work”.  Aside from that Facebook entry, Hotz has kept a pretty low profile when it comes to his new employment.

It’s unclear what Hotz’s role is at Facebook but he was hired in May right after the departure of Joe Hewitt who was the driving force behind Facebook’s original iPhone app.  Facebook recently sent out an update to their Android application and left out tablets.  There is widespread speculation that Facebook is developing an iPad and Android tablet version of their app, even though Zuckerberg dismissed the idea less than a year ago.

Source: Electronista via BGR

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