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Earn Points For Downloading Android Apps, Redeem Android Apps For Real Prizes With AppBonus

A new App Discovery tool has hit the Android Market.  This new discovery app rewards users with daily deal incentives for points which can be traded for actual prizes and Amazon gift cards.  Sure virtual currency is nice but this new approach allows users who download apps to actually get “stuff” like physical “stuff”, neat huh?

Singapore based MeTaps has released their new app discovery app called AppBonus to the Android Market.  AppBonus recommends apps in a “daily deal” type setting or a “timed deal”.  AppBonus also features an entire catalog of apps to browse outside of the current deal.

Whether you download the current deal app or another app for the catalog, every download yields you points.  The “featured deal” app gets you more points though.  You can earn points on free apps, freemium apps and paid apps.  AppBonus keeps track of your points and then you can redeem them as cash or Amaazon gift cards.

App Bonus is free to download and free to sign up!

source: MeTaps

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