e3 Wrap Up, Sights, Sounds, And The Breakdown

Over the past three days while TheDroidGuy and Cam where in NY for events I was able to spend the time in LA(Ok I live here anyways) at e3. For those who don’t know what e3 is, here we go. Its ALL about gaming. This is the event that all major companies will trounce out there major hits for this year and next. Also you’ll have announcements like the new Wii U, and the Sony Vita. But we here at TheDroidGuy where more interested in the mobile aspect of it and here you go…

Sony Ericsson was the only true mobile “company” who even had a booth there. They were showing off the Play and the exclusive games they either had for it or coming. Games such as Crackling Sands, Desert Winds and the PC hit Mindcraft all coming exclusively to the Play.

We where also able to give you guys the exclusive drop on the sequel to Reckless Racing:Getaway, as well as the first look at OnLive on Android tablets.

For those into video games, e3 also saw the launch of the Nintendo Wii U, its hand held version of its popular gaming system.

2K Games finally took the sheets off its highly and extremely long in the waiting Duke Nukem game, which doesn’t fail in bringing more carnage and woman, like the past game has done.

Microsoft also had a major presence there with showing off games like Forza4, Gears of War 3, and the extremely touted Star Wars Kinect game. Also Microsoft I understand Forza4 is a hit, but please, having a Kinect version is a joke. Also they showed off Halo 4, then followed it up with an after party in which had a full orchestra playing its music the whole night.

THQ had a nice presence there also, mainly showing off there two new UFC games. One was UFC Undisputed 3 and then my favorite was UFC Personal trainer. This of it as THQ’s response to Wii Fitness, but having an MMA feel to it, with virtual heavy bag, speed bag, and mitts.

Ubisoft which in my opinion hit it out of the park with its to this date most realistic military game in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

EA Sports also brought a bunch of games even though for mobile they slacked on it, more on that later. Game wise they might have brought the only way we’ll see football this whole year in Madden 12. Need for Speed: Run was also a great game to play in which continues for the hit franchise. Battlefield 3 was also one of their major releases however compared to Ghost Recon it just doesn’t hold up.

For those that like those exclusive leaks EA Mobile had an off site room in which they were showing off their “mobile” games, in which iPad only ones. What they did show off was there Fifa 2012 game in which you are able to use your iPhone or iTouch to control the players if you are playing the game on the iPad which means now multiplayer games are possible. Its a nice touch. They use bluetooth to connect the up to 4 iPhones/iTouches to the iPad. However the game play doing that is at lest when I was playing it horrible. I don’t know if it was the way they are having it connect of how they built game but it just would always lag, and the player control were horrible.

Well thats a wrap… e3 2011 is now done… Onto the next event 😉