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Droid TV Removed From Android Market

After I took the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 update to Honeycomb 3.1 something went awry and I had to do a factory reset.  When I did that factory reset I lost Droid TV, one of my favorite apps.  If you aren’t familiar with Droid TV, it’s a DVR of sorts for Android devices.

Unlike some other made for Android TV apps, Droid TV has a selection of content comparable to Hulu, and it lets you download episode by episode.  What it also does is it allows you to select to record future episodes and as soon as those episodes of your favorite shows are ready, it downloads them when you aren’t even paying attention.  Traveling 280 or so days a year, you can see why it’s one of my favorite apps.  I can catch up with programs on a plane or in the hotel.  Needless to say I wasn’t very happy that it’s gone.

For current Droid TV users it’s still fully functional in fact I downloaded a show today on my Optimus 3D. However a search for Droid TV by name or developer only yields the subscription purchase option, which still calls for the free version of the app in order to run.

There is a note in the description of the subscription purchase app that says Google has removed it.  A quick Google search only shows one post on Droidforums where it’s in the tags with malware.  Coincidentally the developer’s site is also down, which may have prompted Google to take the app off the market.

It’s also a possibility that Droid TV was taken off the market in preparation for Hulu Plus availability.  Hulu Plus is now available on select Android devices and they are expecting a rapid expansion to more and more Android devices.  Although we would all disagree with the practice, Google is known for things like that.  A bunch of PlayStation emulators were removed from the market prior to the launch of the Sony Xperia Play.

Whatever the reason for removing Droid TV, the app description says they hope to be back, and we hope they are. But for now have a friend send you the apk and you can still purchase the subscription from the Android Market.

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