Detailed Nexus S 4G Rumors Begin

This morning BGR is reporting, through an unnamed source, many of the features that you will see on the next official “Google” Android Phone and the flagship device for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Now understand Jonathan Geller, Boy Genius Extraordinaire, has been doing this reporter thing, well, ,since he was a kid so he’s pretty sharp and very connected. So we consider the source of this rumor pretty legit.  After all Geller spent a day tweeting back and forth with the guys at PC Mag over unlocked iPhones and low and behold they were announced the next morning.

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First thing’s first BGR has learned that the next “Google” Android phone will most likely be called the Nexus 4G.  This won’t be the WiMax variety of 4G though it will be a 4G/LTE phone. Now Verizon lovers please don’t get all excited yet.  Remember this device is slated for a Q4 release, as is AT&T’s 4G/LTE mini-network.

As for the processor. It’s been widely reported that NVIDIA’s quad core Kai El processor would be on board, however BGR is suggesting that it will actually be TI’s OMAP 4460 or possibly an ultra low power 28nm Krait based SnapDragon processor. We also know from our discussions with Texas Instruments, and the fact that they are sponsoring one of the buses for the Android Homecoming, that they have big things planned in the second half of the year.  It’s also been reported that the newly re-worked Motorola Droid Bionic is pairing up with TI and not NVIDIA.  Whichever processor it is it will be supported by 1gb of RAM.

As far as camera’s go we can expect a 1 mega pixel front facing camera and a 5 mega-pixel rear facing camera. Although a lot of the SuperPhones are touting 8 mega pixel cameras, it’s been suggested that there will be a very good low light sensor to accompany this 5 mega pixel camera.  According to Boy Genius himself the camera will offer “…superior low-light performance…”

Since this is believed to be the flagship for Ice Cream Sandwich (which there is no official version number for) the phone (like Honeycomb tablets) will feature no physical buttons. Finally, Geller reports that this may not be a “Nexus” line phone but rather a version flagship device similar to the Droid being the flagship for Android 2.0 and the Xoom being the flagship for Honeycomb. Although it was a “Nexus” branded phone, the Samsung Nexus 4G was the flagship device for Gingerbread.

Source: Boy Genius Report

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