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Could HP Be Competition For Android In The Future?

At the moment there are two different types of operating systems. These include types that are like Apple’s iOS which runs only on a proprietary devices built by one company and ones like Android and Windows that want to be on every device possible. Up in till today, HP’s WebOS has always been considered to be like RIM and iOS, due to the fact that HP had plans to put their OS on their own hardware but it seems that their plans have changed.

While speaking at the AllThingsD D9 confrence, CEO of HP, Leo Apotheker, stated that the company may decide to licence its WebOS to other device manufacturers.

“There’s no reason to believe that the only hardware that can run [WebOS] is HP’s,” said Apotheker. “Why wouldn’t we try to make it available to other people? … I happen to believe that WebOS is a uniquely outstanding operating system. It’s not correct to believe that it should only be on HP devices. There are all kinds of other people who want to make whatever kind of hardware they make and would like to connect them to the Internet. We’ll make it available to enterprises and to SMBs [small and medium businesses]. It will run on lots of HP devices.”

At one point, the CEO was asked if a partnership with HTC has been considered. His answer was simple and stated that was “certainly something that we would entertain.”

At the moment HP’s market share of smart phones only sits at 2 percent, but this could change if they decide to open their WebOS up to manufacturers of phones and tablets. This is definitely one we will have to watch out for as time goes by.


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