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CoolIris LiveShare is Growing Strong In Android (AUDIO IS BAD)

If you own an Android device you’ve used a Cooliris app.  Cooliris is the development company that came up with the original Android Gallery app dating back to the G1.  They’ve since sold the app to Google who maintain it at this point, and now they’re all about Live Share.

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Live Share allows you to share photos in private groups, public groups and events.  Say you and your buddies went to a bachelor party, using LiveShare the group of guys can all join the same private event and all the pictures would be posted to one spot for all the participants.  As CoolIris says there is no limitation or restriction in the amount of photos you can send or the group members you can have on the event.

On the public side, you can join Liveshare events from concerts, festivals, conferences, beaches and more and see and share photos with everyone at that event.

CoolIris has plans to share just about everything sharable via LiveShare, so if you haven’t done it yet, go download it now from the Android Market. You know it’s going to be good because these are the Android Gallery guys.

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