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Clear picture confirms MyTouch4g Slide

As you can clearly see from the picture the TmoNews has just posted multiple pictures of what was once blurry cam but now clear pictures of the MyTouch4G Slide. There is no “official” word from T-Mobile on this device but as you can see here its the real deal and boy is it beautiful.

The UI though as you can tell isn’t finished as there are no home button or even notification bar on here, however what you are able to see is the beautiful screen on the MyTouc4g with an added keyboard. With the recent news of the G2 going away this shouldn’t take long to come to T-Mobile and the FCC. TmoNews has also reported:

The only (possible) drawback we were told is that the phone weighs in a little bit more than the G2 or so it feels in the hand. That may or may not be a concern to some but the benefits of the myTouch 4G Slide far outweigh any extra weight.

Which to some may be a draw back but to others might not. As seen below you also now have an updated camera from the original MyTouch4g. We also have to ask the question with the impending sale and then transfer of T-Mobile to ATT will it also come with those ATT bands or are you just renting a phone for the next couple months?

As being sick as I am the past couple days including today I want to thank TmoNews for such great news 😉 And remember to wish all those fathers a happy fathers day today and don’t remember all those mom’s also acting as a father. 🙂

Source: TmoNews

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