Bizzy Makes Checking Out Social

When we first told you about Bizzy earlier in the year we knew that it was different. The foundation seems similar to others but what sets Bizzy apart is instead of “checking in” you “check out”. Sure ratings apps aren’t new but the way Bizzy does it is different and  actually, more natural.

Bizzy has announced that they have done a major upgrade to their app and now instead of just checkouts, ratings and recommendations it gets a lot more social, the way recommending something should go.  But to get you caught up lets explain this “check out” things after the break

Here is the general principal behind Bizzy the way their VP of Marketing Ryan Kuder explained it to us at South By Southwest back in March.

Say you live in a neighborhood where there is a Starbucks or chain store coffee shop ahalf block down the road. You walk there every morning out of sheer convenience, not because it has the best coffee.  When you’re there, like most people these days, you check in on Foursquare.  Now you have a lot fo checkins there on Foursquare. Someone may see that and use your checkins as a recommendation.

Here’s the problem though, you only go there because of convenience.  The coffee shop that you really like is actually 5 miles down the road and you can only get there once a week.  Foursquare and other similar services can give off a false positive when you are deciding where to eat, where to party, and what’s happening based on “check ins”.

Bizzy has you check out at the end of your visit to an establishment and lets you rate it accordingly. Then the Bizzy engine uses your recommendation in it’s algorithm to decide whether Bizzy is going to recommend that establishment the next time someone is going to look for a great steak or the best cup of joe.

“Ten years ago, you had to be a food critic or writer to publish a review about a business. Then came Yelp, where anyone could sit down and write a review about the place they just visited,” said Gadi Shamia, founder of Bizzy. “But Yelp was built before smartphones and social networks were ubiquitous. We wondered, what would it look like if it was built from scratch today? It would be designed for mobile, and it would be more social and easier for people to participate.”

Bizzy has taken their approach a few steps further. First off Bizzy has added a more social aspect to their app. Instead of just seeing where people are and where they go, you can now see what they think about that place they went. Users can do this by reading checkouts, commenting on checkouts and asking questions.

Kuder explained it to us last week like this: Say you went out to eat with 3 couples, that’s six people and you all tried the same restaurant for the first time. Now your friends ask you and your spouse or girlfriend about the place and you give 2 out of 6 peoples reactions.  Suppose you and your significant other ordered steak and it was cooked wrong, but the others ordered a wonderful pasta dish. Now everyone can check out together and comment with each other to give a much more rounded story.


So the review is done, the check out is done and the commenting is done, say you see a recommendation and you want to try it.  Try recalling that in 10 days when it’s time to go out to dinner again.  Bizzy has added a “Try List” function to the app so after checking out a thorough checkout review and the comments if you want to try somewhere you add it to your try list.  Next time you use the Bizzy app for a recommendation it will serve up user based recommendations and reminders from your Try List.

So what are you waiting for head to the Android Market now and Try it Click here

source: Bizzy