Big Blue Bubble brings their smash hit Burn the Rope to Android and boy is it Addictive!

The hot and addicting game by Big Blue Bubble has made its way from iOS to Android. Instead of just a “dirty’ port, they’ve redone the game to be specific for Android and it shows. The game play is excellent, and so are the graphics! The controls are extremely simple to use, as all you really need to do is spin your device so that the flame is always aiming to the top.

For those who have never played the game on iOS the point of the game is to keep the flame always lit and burning the rope as seen in the picture below.

The way you keep the flame lit is by rotating your phone so that just like a real fire the flame is burning up. It may seem simple in idea the game though gets difficult once you have multiple flames going on at same times going different directions. Yet still trying to get the flame always up is still something I haven’t been able to successfully do yet. That is where I believe the most out of this game comes from is the “ego” you can say or just pure irritating that you can’t do it and will keep trying till you do.

The game while just needing basic graphics actually has pretty good graphics, like you can see the ants crawling on the rope, there happens to be no glitches or times or I’m like what were these developers thinking. One of the flaws though for me in this game is no way to turn the sound off unless you turn down the sound on the whole device for media.

While you do have the “option” of purchasing the “full game” that feature currently doesn’t work even though it’ll take you to the Google Checkout, however that is as far as it’ll let you go. So why put in the game now I don’t know but it will be interesting to see what add features they may bring with possible in game payments besides just a full version of the game. So make sure to click on the link below so you can to Burn the Rope. 😉

Market Link

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