Best Buy Releases Two Devices For Best Buy Connect Wireless Broadband

Late last year it was reported that Best Buy was going to get into the wireless internet business.  Now they have and today they announced two new wireless broadband devices.

Best Buy is releasing a 3G MiFi Mobile Hotspot and a USB Broadband device under their private label, Rocketfish. Rocketfish is Best Buy’s very popular and affordable accessory label. Both devices are being manufactured by Novatel Wireless who have been known for their mobile wireless internet solutions for years.  Novatel also sells their wireless devices to the major cellular carriers.

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The MiFi device costs just $199.99 and allows users to share their 3G signal via wifi with up to 5 wifi enabled devices including pc’s, cameras, digital music players, phones, tablets and laptops.  The 3G MiFi Mobile Hotspot offers features just one button and is very easy to connect. It can be used up to 4 hours on one charge.

The USB stick is compatible with any laptop or computer with a usb port running Windows or Mac OS.  The USB stick also features a microSD slot that will allow pass through access to any files on the microSD card up to 32gb in size. The microSD slot is also hot-swappable so you don’t need to power the device down or disconnect it to change cards.  It amounts to having two devices in one, a USB microSD card reader and USB  wireless internet modem. The USB stick costs $79.99

“We are thrilled to support Best Buy Connect’s visionary market approach as the one-stop-shop for anywhere Internet connectivity and flexible prepaid plans,” said Rob Hadley, CMO of Novatel Wireless. “We believe the 3G MiFi Mobile Hotspot and USB Broadband Device are an excellent fit with Best Buy Connect’s portfolio of plug-and-play mobile broadband solutions.”

Jed Stillman, vice president of Best Buy Connect said,  “Novatel Wireless has a great reputation for creating intelligent solutions that help consumers stay connected wherever and whenever. We’re delighted to partner with them on delivering a really smart and easy way to maintain those connections.”

Both devices are available via Best Buy’s CowBoom online outlet and at Best Buy Express kiosks located in major airports across the country.

Sign up for Best Buy connect is easy and can be done online.  Best Buy Connect offers prepaid plans starting at just $10 per month. Best Buy offers the total customer experience with Best Buy connect and handles sales, billing and customer support in-house.

Source: Best Buy

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