Best Buy Introduces “Best Buy Music Cloud” Guess What It Does?

Best Buy has introduced a new service for customers called “Best Buy Music Cloud”, bet you can’t guess what it does?

Give up? It’s a cloud based music service.  Move over Apple and Google Best Buy is introducing yet another service that competes with their vendors, but this time Best Buy may end up with the advantage?  Why, thedroidguy, why would Best Buy have an advantage over Google and Apple for a music cloud service?

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The answer? Because Best Buy’s been selling music for the record labels for over 20 years.  Not just Best Buy either, through acquisitions Best Buy ended up with Strawberries, Sam Goody and MusicLand, Music and media sales is one of those things Best Buy is actually an expert in.

Best Buy’s music cloud service allows customers to upload their music libraries to the cloud and then playback on their smartphone, tablet or internet enabled device. There is a free “lite” service as well as a premium service.  Best Buy’s Music Cloud will scan your iTunes library. It’s not clear whether Best Buy will then offer you an alternative file or assist you in uploading your library to Best Buy’s cloud.

Once uploaded you can then decide whether you want to stream your music or download and cache it on your device.

Although it’s still in BETA you can sign up and start using it now Here

Source: Cnet

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  1. What does Best Buy and Blackberry have the most in common with each other? Answer – They are both going out of business.

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