BamBoom Promises Broadcast TV On Any Connected Device

After the rise and fall, of FloTV we’ve been wondering who’s really going to step up to the plate and get TV truly mobile again.  Although FloTV didn’t encompass broadcast channels, there is a NY start up that is doing just that.

A new company called BamBoom is promising to bring broadcast tv to any connected device.  BamBoom is off to a great start with 4.5 million dollars in funding already. It seems that BamBoom’s investors like their idea which eliminates the need for little personal “antennas” instead BamBoom is putting a users personal antenna and dvr into a cloud based server.  The other thing that sets BamBoom apart from their competition is that the programming served to the user is done in a market to market basis, so as FierceWireless reports, if you’re in New York you won’t get Chicago programming.

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One of the frustrations for those that use truly web based TV systems, and those who’ve been on cable alternatives for years, is the lack of a good way to watch local programming.  BamBoom has those folks in mind. Their service is great for those who need/want to see their local sports games and news channels, among other things.

The BamBoom platform will also feature Netflix and a social layer that will allow users to talk with and recommend programming to friends.

If this sounds like a legal nightmare, BamBoom is expecting to have to defend itself from legal issues and plans on saving the bulk of their 4.5 million dollars for just that. However, the supreme court has approved one customer/one use idea which is what Google and Amazon are resting their cloud based music lockers on.

source: FierceWireless

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