Backplane Receives $1 Million Investment From Eric Schmidt and Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been getting more and more into the world of technology lately. Just recently, it was announced, that the pop singer is partnering with Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures to invest at least one million dollars in a new start up company called Backplane, according to the New York Times.

This new idea for a startup company was founded by none other than Lady Gaga’s business manager, Troy Carter. It mixes many different elements of technology and entertainment all into an interactive platform that’s main focus is around specific interests. These interests include sports, musicians, and actors, and it is even being reported that the company is currently in talks with the NFL and other musicians.

This new idea came about after Lady Gaga and Carter had sat down and spoke with none other than Mr. Steve Jobs. This discussion was centered around the failed ping service, which had yet to launch at the time of the meeting. During the meeting Lady Gaga and Carter were expressing their concerns over the lack of integration with services such as Facebook and Twitter.

At this point Troy Carter was already in a great position to start building a company due to his experience and relationships throughout the entertainment buisness, he had already invested in startup companies like, Tiny Chat, and Lumier along with working with big names such as Sean Combs, the Notorious B.I.G., and Will Smith. Not to mention the numerous clients that he has represented that became popular through YouTube.

Right now Lady Gaga is said to have at least 2o percent stake in the company. She will also be acting as adviser and will be incorporating elements from her music, videos, and tours into the design of the site. She has already previously worked with Zynga and Amazon and is no stranger to the social web.


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