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AT&T HTC Cha Cha Poses For The Camera Too

Over the weekend Tmonews came across a crystal clear shot of the upcoming HTC My Touch 4G Slide and all it’s brilliance.  This is a little different because the HTC My Touch 4G Slide hasn’t officially been announced anywhere and was really just rumor until the photos showed up.  However today Pocketnow has gotten their hands on the HTC Cha Cha coming to AT&T, which has sort of been announced.

The HTC Cha Cha is part of a pair of Android phones with dedicated Facebook buttons that provide intense integrated Facebook features.  The Cha Cha and it’s partner in crime, the Salsa came dancing onto the stage at the HTC press conference led by Peter Chou at Mobile World Congress in February.  It was at that time reportedly coming to the US via AT&T… And here it is.

The other interesting thing about this photo as Pocketnow’s Evan Blass points out, is that the date on the Sense screen in the photo says Sunday July 17th, could that be a sign for the date it’s releasing on AT&T.  We’ll see…

source: Pocket Now

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